Infant Community Coming Soon!

Ages 6 weeks to about 18 months

Our youngest and smallest community sets the foundation for all further learning to come. Your youngest child will be provided with a loving and nurturing environment to explore the world through the senses. Infants will be given a beautiful environment where they are able to sleep and eat on demand, be held and nurtured by loving teachers, and plenty of time on the ground both inside and outside, to scoot, crawl, climb and explore the world through new eyes. We practice a respectful and participatory approach to infant care and work carefully with parents to make sure the needs of each child are met exceedingly.

Young Toddler Community Coming Soon!

1 to 2+ years old

Your one to two-year-old is walking, talking and on the go! This young toddler community offers a time to explore and try on new skills. Children in this class will begin to have more structure, such as predictable meal times, nap time and new activities to engage their growing minds and physical abilities. Teachers will encourage children to work together socially, problem solve, and communicate in a way that is respectful to themselves and others.

Toddler Community Coming Soon!

2 to 3 years old

This class has been growing together, along with our founder for the last two years. We are excited to welcome new friends into our community to grow and learn together. Your older toddler will spend lots of time outside, running, jumping, and singing. They will follow a predictable daily and weekly schedule, with free play as well as guided activities. They will still be provided a long rest time in the middle of the day to integrate all the hard work and learning that their bodies have been doing. Teachers will encourage your child to work collaboratively with friends, create imaginative play scenarios, and work independently to care for themselves, their friends, and their environment.

Preschool Community Coming 2019-2020

3 to 6 years old

Our largest and oldest group will be a mixed aged kindergarden, opening in Fall 2019!