Parent Involvement

Evergreen Community School supports the idea that parents are partners in their child’s education. Therefore, we strongly encourage parents to be involved in the school as much as possible! There are a variety of ways for you to get to know other families and the teacher. A flexible arrival time enables you to spend time getting to know other families and to see your child’s classroom. Additionally, you may join the class to share a family tradition, lead an activity, or read a book. We encourage you to become directly involved in your child’s classroom.

Parents can help with ongoing class projects and share specific skills and expertise with the children through special projects. We also invite you to join your child for a lunch date. Please check with the teacher in advance to find a visitation time or lunch date that will work best for the classroom community.

Additionally, there are many ways for parents to become involved. Parents who are actively involved in the school contribute to the health of our program, but just as importantly they are modeling the value of community, engagement and shared responsibility for all of our children.

Some suggestions are outlined below:

  • Host a class get ­together, excursion, pot­luck, or play­date.
  • Encourage your fellow parents to become involved in a positive manner. Help people feel at home by making introductions or extending invitations to families who are new.
  • Participate in ­School events.
  • Support Community Service & Outreach Projects.
  • Join our Parent Committee!

Community Events