Evergreen Community School

About Us

Evergreen Community School is Evergreen's first nature based preschool, opening soon!


At Evergreen Community School, we value the freedom of the young child to play, explore, and learn in a natural environment. We incorporate a nature based and seasonally inspired curriculum that is child led. Through teacher observation and documentation of the children’s play, we design learning opportunities to promote the individual child’s growth. We believe strongly in the learning potential of every child, given a supportive learning environment. We aim to provide a curriculum that supports the development of the whole child: cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. As a community, we are committed to the enrichment, support, and celebration of early childhood education in Evergreen, Colorado.

The philosophy of Evergreen Community School is inspired by the Forest Kindergarden movement and the strong belief that young children learn best without the confinement of a classroom or a teacher led curriculum. We are influenced strongly by the Waldorf philosophy, but we incorporate practices from a wide array of holistic approaches to early childhood learning.


At Evergreen Community School, we celebrate the wild curiosity of your young child, which drives them to play freely in the natural world, exploring organic movement, and uncovering sensory experiences. Your child’s digging, running, climbing, and social interaction will teach them to inhabit the physical space around them, nurture fine motor skills to prepare them for later writing, and learn to navigate the social nature of the world in which they are apart of. Teachers provide a predictable daily and weekly schedule for the children to establish security and predictability. Examples of daily activities may include painting, soup making, bread baking, and music circle. Additionally, teachers offer guided lessons through art, song, and storytelling and design these unique lessons to best fit the needs of your individual child. We believe strongly in the importance of a play based early childhood school experience, which prepares children for the intellectual work to come in elementary school.

What does this look like in practice? Your child will be greeted in the morning, and settle in for a nutritional, family-style breakfast, followed by an inside play period. Children explore and create in their classrooms with natural materials such as wooden blocks, wool felted dolls and hand carved puzzles. During this time, a teacher will offer a group activity such as baking or painting. Most of your child’s time is spent outside, creating imaginary worlds and observing the world around them. This unobstructed nature play, in all seasons, will foster a great sense of self-confidence and resiliency in your child. Teachers stand by to observe and document your child’s growth, providing learning opportunities such as mastering a new skill, or a simple song about the changing seasons. In this way, the children's learning reflects their own will, as well as the greater world around them. Our goal for your child is to become a collaborative member of a community, and as such, share a sense of common humanity amongst their peers, teachers, and community members.

Meet Our Staff

Founder Sarah Davis is passionate about helping, creating, learning, leading, and being in nature. Sarah is thrilled to be able to share these passions with you through the development of Evergreen Community School. Sarah has dedicated much of her life to caring for and working with young children, most recently as an early childhood educator. Through her work in many different educational settings with diverse children, families, and communities in Boulder, CO; Austin, TX; and Chicago, IL, Sarah has developed the skills and love required to bring forth the dream that is Evergreen Community School. She has worked for the last two years with a small community of families here in Evergreen to establish the groundwork for ECS, and couldn’t be more excited to share this vision with the wider Evergreen Community. Sarah currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus on psychology and early childhood education from Naropa University, and a Master of Education degree with an emphasis on Mindfulness for Educators from Antioch University.


Experienced Assistant Teachers and Subs!

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